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8 new downloads (partly erotic ones)

Dear /fans/

our last releases in March are 6 interesting and erotic matches many of you had asked us to release quickly. Two of these matches are split into two parts. The first part is always the non-erotic but extremely competitive part released in "MOVIES" and just from that moment when the two women turn into more erotic action, the MOVIES end and they continues in a tribgirls release as "part 2". Another release in tribgirls is an exciting breast battle between Lucille and Leslie, no trib at all, but since there was full nudity we had to release this breast battle in our tribgirls site.

MOVIES-350 Gloria vs Jana N. - Part 1 (The catfight) and TRIB-0175 - The better Woman wins (Part 2)

Once again these two rivals meet in a topless catfight. And once again Gloria is getting upset with Jana's brutal hairpulling. Jana asks her: "So do you want to quit ?" - "No way" - Gloria replied. "I''m going to continue this my way - Woman versus Woman - show me if you dare !" ..... Nuff said ! Find out in part 2 called TRIB-0175 how this match is going to continue and if it'll become a nightmare for Jana or perhaps quite the contrary ? First time debut for Jana on our tribgirls site. Curious ? We bet you are !

MOVIES-351 Leslie vs Lucille - The Match (Part 1) and TRIB-0176 - The Decision (part 2)

There's an English interview before their match and there's some competitive wrestling between those two. But Leslie has got her own plans after she finds out the the longer the match goes, the more advantages stronger Lucille seems to have. What way Leslie is going during this match you'll have to find out in TRIB-0176 (part 2). This Movie ends where it has to end when these two real women are
already groaning and moaning in real exhaustion during a very intense and evenly matched competition.

TRIB-0174 Leslie vs Lucille - Breast Battle

There is no trib in this match but this is an intense breast versus breast battle between two well developed and proud women. Since there is full nudity in this match we had to release this in the tribgirls site.

TRIB-0171 Leslie vs Anastasia

This is a real erotic challenge between two rivals and you'll find all of the themes that could happen within an erotic female competition. This is a very competitive erotic match and there's not much love lost between these two women.

TRIB-0177 Nina vs Lucille

Two blonde rivals from the first minute make it out in a wrestling match that will continue woman versus woman into a real challenge. Is newcomer Lucille already woman enough to womanhandle experienced Nina ? Find out !

TRIB-0178 Kamilla vs Denise

If you like a trib match where the breasts of the two women are their most important weapons, don't miss this match. There are two women in this match who have their real fans as well as some of you who don't like them. However, if you're their fan you'll be in heaven !

We hope that some of you'll enjoy are last March releases. There are once again preview clips for all our members and preview pictures for all of you who are interested into the more erotic stuff. We are looking forward to your reviews, too !

G.R. and the DWW teams

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