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2 new erotic oil fights plus 3 new breastfights in tribgirls

Dear /fans/

today's erotic releases for tribgirls fans are two of the most exciting and most erotic trib encounters we'd ever filmed and should not be missed if you like sexy oil wrestling to a real finish. The other three releases are sugarcandy for breast fans as they have three of the most powerful breastfighters in ultra competitive matches.

TRIB-0189 Anastasia vs Lucille

One of the most erotic oil matches you'd ever seen. These two athletes are such competitive and hot ! You won't believe it unless you've seen them ! We believe that this starts a new aera of erotic matches.

TRIB-0190 Lucille vs Denise

If you liked their first erotic oil match then you'll be more than excited about their second one. Probably almost as much excited as these two women were ? You'll watch this with sheer delight ! It's incredibly good and we don't say this because of marketing but because we know that this is that good and that you'll love it, too ! There is no way that a man could ever dislike such real female competition!

TRIB-0191 Kamilla vs Lucille - The Challenge

Watch the first match of the breast titans. It's aggressive and almost unbelievable ! If you're a breast fan then this is the match you've waited for long !

TRIB-0192 Lucille vs Kamilla - The Rematch

It's not over yet ! The loser requests for a rematch and here it is. The final decision about who of them the real breast queen will be !

TRIB-0193 Lucille vs Mariella

Don't underestimate newcomer Mariella. She's ultra competitive with anything she's doing. Will she surprise Lucille ? Will she be able to become a "Queen of breastfighting", too ? Watch the most aggressive breast fighter ever if you're a breast fight fan !

We believe that today's selection has some of the best matches of its kind we've ever released on this website. Of course we know that both breast fights and erotic oiul wrestling are a niche in the niche, and we promise that our next releases will certainly satisfy other taste and requirements, too.

Once again there are free preview clips for our members and lots of free pictures for everybody
(but uncensored for our members) to preview the matches.

G.R. and the DWW teams

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