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Get your "THE DWW TIMES" news instantly by RSS technology


DWW does not use email to send news and ads to our fans. The main reason, among several, is that email traffic is being cluttered by unwanted advertising spam. Finding welcome news amongst the spam is increasingly difficult. And spam filters will and can often remove our news. And, besides that, even welcome news could be quoted as spam by some recipients and spam is definitely illegal in most parts of this world.

A good substitute has already been invented, called RSS feeds. If you want to receive regular and instant information from a particular RSS source, such as DWW, your current browser generation makes it already as easy as it could be.

The advantage is that ONLY YOU choose from which RSS sites you want to receive information. The information source, such as DWW, can send you a greater diversity of goodies using this method - pictures, links, video clips, even little free gifts if we want. You can choose what to have and what to leave, and when to view it, but you'll know instantly that there is news for you even then when you're not currently viewing or surfing any websites. RSS is also very useful for news from general sources - newspapers, TV stations, sports channels, and so on. (Of course, not all websites are RSS sources too.)

DWW provides two feeds for RSS - one "normal" and one "discreet":

The discreet feed is useful if the computer you are using is not completely private to you. The "discreet" feed will give no clues about links you may use or watch, nor will it provide any pictures, nor even will it ever use the words "female wrestling" nor "DWW". It will tell you that there are just some news for you. That's it. What kind of news this could be and where to find those news (on our website) you'd have to know yourself.

The "normal" feed will just provide a short headline notice, too, but it'll use the words "DWW" and "wrestling" etc. in its visible headlines of course. The linked content of the feed provides you directly with extended information, text, pictures, and maybe even some free video clips.

Please read below about how easy it is to subscribe to RSS feeds today. You don't need to install any additional software and you're just one click away:

One-click RSS Feed subscription on Firefox 2.0

Viewing an RSS-capable website such as the DWW website that you want to subscribe to? Just click on the big orange RSS button in your Firefox toolbar. You'll be subscribed to it as a DWW feed if you submit your request to your browser.

One-click RSS feed subscription on IE 7

Now, whenever you view a RSS-capable page on Microsoft Internet Explorer 7, you can subscribe to it in with a single click.

Just look for the big orange RSS button that appears in your IE 7 toolbar. Click on it and select the feed you like and then click "subscribe" on the next site. You're done - you've just subscribed to that feed.

Further, you can use IE7 as a feed reader itself, setting how often the feed should be refreshed and how many items to display. Click on Feed Properties below the category listing to do so, as shown below:

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