MOVIES-767 Nina vs Anita P.


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This is a competitive oil wrestling match in sling strings. Actually it is a topless match but sling strings let the wrestlers’ bodies more or less completely revealing everything. Therefore it shall be considered that there is full nudity in this match, too. This is a special rules match. Nina is definitely the weaker woman but she can use erotic holds and moves as much as Anita would allow her in order to weaken Anita successfully. Will Anita allow Nina? Is there a special chemistry between them? Find out! This is a competitive wrestling match, therefore it is on this site. However, what you will see might shock some of you and they would rightly claim that this match belongs to the erotic tribgirls site rather than on this site. We agree that this match crosses the border between pure competition and extreme erotic from time to time and any opinion might be right. Therefore we are warning you! If you’re one of those who hate the erotic parts of female wrestling and female body to body situations, DO NOT download this match. If you’re one of those who believe that this match doesn’t belong to this website: DO NOT download this match. However, if you’re one of those who usually enjoys watching one of the most erotic wrestling matches in history which still belongs to the competitive wrestling category as well, then better download this match immediately.

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