Complaints Policy

This Complaints Policy is intended to ensure that DWW Productions (hereinafter DWW) handles complaints fairly, efficiently and effectively. DWW’s objective is to promote customer satisfaction and make our Customers and users feel confident that their complaints and issues are listened to and acted upon promptly and equitably.

Complaints Scope

Complaints include, but are not limited to:

  • Billing issues – issues during the purchasing and payment process, like double billing
  • Technical issues – like the inability to access or download a content, video playback issues or defective videos
  • Reporting of content on the website that may be illegal or that it may otherwise violate people’s rights, credit card company standards and policies

Complaints Procedure

  • in order to start an official complaint, please contact DWW administrative team via email using the addresses listed in the Contacts page.
    Provide us as much information as possible about your complaint:
    • your identification information: name, address, contact details
    • complaint description, its scope and any other detail that may help with the investigation
    • if it relates to a specific video, please provide the full video number/SKU and name, or the page URL where it appears
    • if it relates to a purchase, please provide the DWW invoice number, the credit card processor identifier (e.g. transaction id or subscription id) or copies of the email receipts
  • DWW will promptly acknowledge the receipt of such complaint via email within 2 business days
  • DWW will process the complaint within 7 business days from the reception of the initial complaint. DWW administrative team will provide a full explanation of the outcome in writing via email.
    During this process, addition communications may be exchanged between DWW and you, please reply back promptly in order to speed up the process
  • if the investigation is too complex to be concluded in 7 business days, or if there are delays in communications or related to collecting information from third parties (like payments not settled yet, services provided by third parties or licenses/video rights obtained from third parties), you will be notified about the delay along with a reason for the delay
  • after the decision has been made and communicated, the user may appeal the decision within the next 5 business days, eventually providing additional evidence and context. The complaint will be escalated to DWW management
  • DWW will keep full record on file of all complaints received, for tracking any follow up actions

Complaints Outcome

When a final decision is made, multiple corrective actions may be taken by DWW. An example of the possible actions follows – please note that this is not a comprehensive list, as each complaint can have unique features and outcomes.

  • any content that is acknowledged to be infringing, illegal, abusive or otherwise inappropriate by both parties will be removed
  • any defective content purchased (e.g. file corruption or video encoding issues) will be replaced with a corrected version where possible. If that is not possible, the content will be fully or partially refunded.
    The Customer also has the option to swap the content with another one of the same value or convert the content value to a voucher for future purchases, if he wishes so
  • transactions or contents that were incorrectly billed will be refunded
  • contents purchased by mistake and not yet accessed/downloaded (in full or in part) will be refunded
  • privacy and GDPR-related issues are handled according to the Privacy Policy and user data is update/deleted as needed
  • internal custom actions can be taken by DWW for reducing the possibilities of having similar complaints in the future