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Can I do a mixed wrestling match ?
No, we don’t organize mixed wrestling or private matches (male vs female).

Can I sponsor a fight ?
We don’t organize scripted matches. For example you cannot select your favorite holds or scenarios. In a competitive match you get the holds chosen by the fighters for winning a match. You may sometimes choose some other details like the attire.

Are you going to publish new videos ?
We are starting with a part of the historical DWW catalog, by choosing the best available source for each video, restoring it and encoding it with state of the art technology. If this generates enough interest, we can extend this to the full DWW catalog.
Some of the matches previously released but not on sale on this website are listed in our DWW offline catalog.
We also have a huge repository of unreleased matches, never published before. These may be published at a future date.

Are you going to publish videos from the TribGirls or HPC (Hungarian Private Collection) series ?
We are not planning to publish the tribadism / sex wrestling videos for the time being. Some of the matches from the Trib and HPC series are listed in our TribGirls offline catalog.