DWW-050-03 The Battle of the Dancers
Lada vs Sarah


Other Girl
Other Girl
Nude Wrestling
Nude Wrestling


Match: Lada vs Sarah, nude wrestling

This video is composed by three parts.
In the first part dancers Lada and Sarah meet each other in a private aerobics lesson, decide to strip nude and after some nude gymnastics and aerobics they start to compare their muscles and nude bodies to find out who the better woman and dancer is and engage in some tests of strength.
In part two they finally decide to meet each other again for a wrestling match to settle the matter. After trying some holds on the bed they break up their tests of strength due to lack of space and decide to take it to the mat in a woman to woman encounter.
In the final part they strip nude and continue their fight naked, leading to a very erotic ending.
Lada is the more experienced wrestler, but Sarah, the sensuous and sexy Polish dancer has determination and is a quick learner. This match is extremely competitive and from the start, the younger and experienced wrestler Lada tried to overpower the newcomer and show her who’s the boss. But Sarah fought back soon and used every weapon from her tanned and fit nude female body. She is a real woman and she knew what she had to do to weaken her younger challenger. This is genuine erotic wrestling action from start to finish and what a treat it is to see their thighs interlocked and their nude female bodies intertwined in this battle for supremacy. Find out yourself who the better woman is!

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Lada (19) 52kg (115 lb) 161cm (5’4), – Sarah (25) 54kg (119 lb) 165cm (5’5)

Additional information

Duration 26 minutes
Video format / quality

MP4 768×576 50fps (H.264)

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