DWW-059-01 Greek Wrestling Tournament
Kati vs Orsolya


Nude Wrestling
Nude Wrestling


Match: Kati vs Orsolya

Hungarians Anikö and Orsolya, Romanian Eva and Mongolian Kati participated in an elimination tournament wearing only Greek style short skirts. The matches took place outdoors at Chateau Seregelyes with hairpulling being allowed. The girls gave their all and their outfits made for a very titillating experience for the audience. Not only the wind heavily blowing right from the Olympus as an encouraging message from Zeus (which only a few times disturbes the audio) but also their wearing of wreath of laurel and the beautiful girls’ nude bodies will make you feel as if you are watching this live in ancient Sparta. The winners of the first matches went into the final and the losers fought for 3rd place.

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4 matches featuring Orsolya (20), Kati (21), Anikö (21), Eva (22)

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