DWW-086-02 Wrestle to Love
Andrea vs Marietta




Match: Andrea vs Marietta

These movies are for the fan of erotic girl vs. girl combat only. We didn’t know if we should ever release these two apartment matches because they were not typical, but when we showed them to some of our customers the response was overwhelming. Usually a real fight between girls starts fast and furious and gets more and more violent the longer it takes. These two matches prove the contrary: these girls liked to fight and they certainly didn’t want to lose, but in these two matches the fights didn’t become more violent the longer it went on, but more erotic and more sensuous. The girls tried to make the other one submit by forcing them into a sexual submission using every inch of their beautiful bodies and their sexual prowesses as their weapons. We never asked the girls to go for such an end. The climax in these two matches just “happened” accidently, and we didn’t stop them because there was no fake – it was absolutely real and highly erotic. You can easily verify this by watching the faces of these girls. Though these two fights didn’t end in the nude (still topless) both endings were the most erotic ones we have ever seen.
The first match features the two beauties Eveline vs. Bea who got into an argument in their flat. Both their jeans and tops were soon ripped off and both girls tried to dominate each other from the start in a vicious encounter. But Bea used the exceptional beauty of her strong thighs, breasts and upper body to weaken tomboy Eveline from one minute to the other while the stronger Eveline used every inch of her muscles to hold on against Bea’s sexual aggression. Close to the finish of this apartment wrestling match there was no doubt that the winner would be the girl who would make the other one come first. It became pure lust for both girls and from a certain minute onwards, they didn’t even realize that there was a camera present. Both sexy bodies mashed together and moved convulsively up and down in absolute agony. Who won?
The second match features two real girlfriends, busty blonde Andrea vs. athletic brunette Marietta in a similar but more friendly and even more sensuous match. This tape will NOT satisfy the fans of violent fights nor will it satisfy any fans of traditional wrestling, but it will cater to those customers who demand REAL erotic sex-wrestling between beautiful women who enjoy to dominate the other woman in a very sensuous way.

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2 topless apartment fights featuring Eveline (20) vs. Bea (18) and Marietta (19) vs. Andrea (19)

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Duration 23 minutes
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MP4 768×576 50fps (H.264)

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