DWW-093-03 USA vs Czech Republic
Edita vs Raquel


Non-Topless Wrestling
Non-Topless Wrestling


Match: Edita vs Raquel

One of the best female wrestlers in the world, black beauty Raquel from Seattle, who has defeated many of the top ranked wrestlers in the U.S. accepted our invitation to our summer event. She had some very well contested matches against DWW girls. This tape features Raquel vs. worldchampion kickboxer and the matron of Black Sea Amazons Elena from the Ukraine in two intense and breathtaking matches that is a classic encounter between one of the strongest and most able American women versus one of the toughest Russian amazons. The cold war isn’t over! The next match was Raquel vs. Edita from the Czech Republic, a very painful experience for one of the two woman. This fight was interrupted by the “police” and the events that unfolded are a surprise all of which is captured on our camera. Finally Racquel took on Sissi, the Hungarian policewoman who chose to wrestle topless. These women are all superb and muscular athletes and the action is extremely skillful with expert use of many holds that makes this tape a very exciting new addition to our releases. The matches are in one piece suits or bikinis. Don’t miss this one!

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4 matches featuring Raquel (27), Elena (26), Sissi (27), Edita (21) and Lilly (20)

– previously published as Fight of the Month FOM-643

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Duration 9 minutes
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MP4 768×576 50fps (H.264)

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