DWW-180-05 Wrestling Island Tribbing
Joanna vs Christine




Match: Joanna vs Christine

A videotape out of a series of 8 tapes. Ever watched a TV survival programme and imagined it livened up by a fight between two of the prettiest girls? We did, so we made our own series, on DWW 174-181. We took 12 gorgeous DWW girls to a Mediterranean island and filmed all manner of competitions and fights, from bikini battles on a public beach to nude naughtiness in private.
Beginning with an indoor strip wrestling match, the scene changes to some playful wrestling between several naked girls on a sandy beach, in and out of the water. Two of them have some truly intimate fun in their villa, and the tape ends with two more strip wrestling matches. The devotee of erotic competition between beautiful young women will find much to admire here.
Warning: Although the erotic action between two of the women (Christine and Joanna) comes close to a HPC sexmatch we filmed it with so much decency so that we were able to release it on this tape. However, if you might be shocked by some intimate soft sex between two women then this tape is definitely NOT for you.

This video was part of a DVD or movie collection. The description is valid for the full DVD, but not necessarily for this specific video download. Even if multiple matches are described, the download will contain a single match.

Three strip wrestling matches: Kriszta (24) vs. Joanna (29) topless / nude strip fight
Edina (26). Timea C. (23), and others, nude beach wrestling
Christine (24) vs. Joanna (29) erotic interlude
Christine (24) vs. Timea C. (23) topless / nude strip fight
Edina (26) vs. Timea S. (24) topless / nude strip fight

Additional information

Duration 18 minutes
Video format / quality

MP4 768×576 50fps (H.264)

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