DWW-183-01 The Most Exciting Pin
Kati N vs Edina P


Edina P
Edina P
Kati N
Kati N
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Pin Only


Match: Kati N vs Edina P

The first match got some storyline when the two blonde girls meet each other on the bed in their apartement wearing jeansshorts and tops and white socks. Eventually they compare each others flexed biceps and decide to do a wrestling match. They take their tops off and the match is on. They go for schoolgirlpins only. No counting, just a match to the finish until one of them gives up to the stronger girl. Wrestling is on the carpet as well as on the bed. A must tape for fans of long schoolgirlpins and for girls who enjoy flexing their biceps.
The second match on this tape is a topless schoolgirlpin match from our summer 1999 event between big Petra and Barbara. There is a pin count to ten and you can also see long and excellent textbook sg-pins.
The third match on this tape is a topless sgpin match to submission (no counting) between Petra and Luzia. In this match there is a clear domination and it is quite interesting to see when the losing girl gets dominated here while she‘s usually used to dominate and humiliates her opponents herself.

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Kati_N (21) vs Edina (26)
Barbara (20) vs Petra (21)
Luzia (18) vs Petra (21)

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Duration 26 minutes
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MP4 768×576 50fps (H.264)

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