DWW-200-02 Catfight with (fake) Biting
Denise vs Lenka


Non-Competitive Wrestling
Non-Competitive Wrestling


Match: Denise vs Lenka, with biting

The first part is one fight in two versions, sponsored by a fan. The accompanying short story has been condensed into subtitles for better understanding.
First a real catfight between Lenka and Denise on grass, with clothes being ripped off until both are nude, with hard hairpulling and intense fighting to a submission. It’s a classic.
The second version is a partly fake match between the same two girls. The fan requested biting, but since we would not do that for real, the “biting” is just fake. When one part of a match is fake you can see the rest of the action decline significantly. It’s an automatic reaction. But there are so many pretty, sexy images in this 15-minute section, it was a waste to leave them out.
The third fight is a classic nude hairpulling match between Lenka and Ingrid. Both girls are locked together, crotch to crotch and breast to breast, in intense hairpulling combat to the finish. If you like the sight of two female breasts pressing into the other, while each tries to overpower her opponent with female tactics, then this fight alone makes the tape worthwhile.

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Two nude catfights
Denise (21) vs. Lenka (19)
Lenka (19) vs. Ingrid (20)

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