DWW-206-01 Pin-Only Nude Wrestling
Joanna vs Kriszta


Pin Only
Pin Only
Nude Wrestling
Nude Wrestling


Match: Joanna vs Kriszta

The first match Joanna vs Kriszta is very competitive
Then Timea C. has her hands full with newcomer Marianna.
Edina faces off against sexy Olga Biker for long pins of a count to twenty. It’s unskilled but wonderfully erotic. The sight of two naked girls fighting it out for womanly superiority is exciting enough, but in the final two matches the gorgeous rivals wear mini-skirts. And nothing else. The skirts of course ride up as soon as the action gets under way. They wrestle for long, total body presses to submission, so that the winner totally dominates the loser, forcing her into the mat with her breasts and crotch.
Linda and Edina are very sexy and the loser obviously cums as they struggle, legs wrapped, pelvis-to-pelvis, tits-to-tits.
Same attire for the final match Marianna vs Tanya N., wearing mini-skirts only with no underwear.
Some matches here get close to the style of TribGirls’ HPC series.

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Five nude wrestling matches
Joanna (29) vs. Kriszta (24)
Marianna (24) vs. Timea C. (24)
Edina P. (25) vs. Olga Biker (26)
Edina P. (25) vs. Linda (21) – in nothing but mini-skirts
Marianna (24) vs. Tanya N. (22) – in nothing but mini-skirts

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Duration 9 minutes
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MP4 768×576 50fps (H.264)

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