DWW-212-01 Tournament in Belgium
Monika N vs Aida


Monika N
Monika N
Other Girl
Other Girl
Non-Topless Wrestling
Non-Topless Wrestling


Match: Monika N vs Aida

DWW visited Belgian Fighting Women for an entertaining tournament in front of about 30 fans. Most of the BFW girls were small and light so in order to get more even match-ups we could not bring our best wrestlers ,except for Luzia. The matches on this tape are all non-topless, submissions only. Monika N. had her first international against Aida from the Lebanon. Though rather unskilled, both girls tried their best to win in what became an exciting power struggle. Then Eva faced tough, pretty Belgian wrestler Nadege, whose fighting style is reminiscent of Melanie. Nadege is one of the best lightweights we’ve ever seen. Eva vs. Aida was a match between two generations, it was followed by Antonia vs. Isabelle. The final match here is Luzia vs. French bodybuilder Agnes. Although the older Agnes tried everything to hurt Luzia, the young blonde beauty was prepared to teach her a lesson. You will be thrilled by the outcome!

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Five swimsuit wrestling matches DWW vs. BFW
Monika N (19, DWW) vs. Aida (33, BFW)
Eva (19, DWW) vs. Nadege (21, BFW)
Eva (19, DWW) vs. Aida (33, BFW)
Antonia (21, DWW) vs. Isabelle (22, BFW)
Luzia (20, DWW) vs. Agnes (30, BFW)

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