DWW-225-03 Woman vs Man in the Fields
Antonia vs Marco


Mixed Wrestling
Mixed Wrestling


Match: Antonia vs Marco

Requested by a sponsor, the first two matches are on grass, determined by long schoolgirl pins for a count of ten. The matches are 100% competitive. Both Antonia and Luzia wear jeans shorts and face the inexperienced newcomer Marco. Marco’s fight against Luzia was especially exciting: both attend the same school and the last thing in the world Marco wanted was to be beaten up by the most beautiful gal in his school. Imagine you were him at 18! He could not believe it and it was his worst nightmare. The second part happens one year later and is a scenario match with subtitles. Marco challenges Antonia to a rematch and he is completely humiliated by the girl with long-lasting schoolgirl pins and even some face-sitting. If that were not enough, immediately afterwards he has to confront Barbara and gets another humiliating beating. If you like to see guys completely dominated in long schoolgirl pins, this tape is for you!

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Four mixed topless wrestling matches outdoors
Luzia (19) vs. Marco (18)
Antonia (21) vs. Marco (18)
and one year later
Antonia (22) vs. Marco (19)
Barbara (22) vs. Marco (19)

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Duration 18 minutes
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MP4 768×576 50fps (H.264)

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