DWW-228-03 Nude Novices Wrestling
Anna U vs Nikolett Z


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Other Girl
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Nude Wrestling
Nude Wrestling


Match: Anna U vs Nikolett Z

Drop-dead gorgeous ingenues wrestling totally naked! Not for fans of technically skilled wrestling: seven young women in two teams; two blondes, three brunettes and two with raven hair, face off against each other in six singles matches in private. First there is a warm-up as they flex their muscles and arm wrestle their team mates. Then the fights. With minimal training, each knows she really wants to win, for herself and her team. What she sometimes doesn’t know is quite how. No muscle-bound athletes here, but very cute girls of the kind you wish you’d meet in the disco, stripping nude and using just their bodies and their will to pin their opponents to the mat. It’s aggressive: occasionally the humiliated loser retires in tears, but it’s never less than fun for the amused winner – and you, of course. A turn-on for fans of naked, smothering body presses, sexy, almost face-sitting, schoolgirl pins and naked grapevines in which breasts are forced hard into breasts, and crotch pressed into crotch. It’s all here!

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Six nude wrestling matches
Kati K. (19) vs. Julija (20); Kati N. (22) vs. Ira U. (20);
Anna U. (21) vs. Nikolett Z. (19); Kati K. (19) vs. Lena N. (19);
Kati N. (22) vs. Julija (20); Ira U. (20) vs. Nikolett Z. (19)

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