DWW-279-01 Nude Lightweight Round Robin
Antscha vs Anna L


Anna L
Anna L
Nude Wrestling
Nude Wrestling


Match: Antscha vs Anna L

The Triple-A’s, Antscha, Anna L. and Aniko, together with Kati N., fight out a nude round robin pins-and-submissions competitive wrestling tournament. You might never have seen as much a competitive nude wrestling as there is here. It’s fantastic to see these four women struggle to win. Fast, furious and with no inhibitions whatsoever. You’d never realise that they were nude if you just watched their wrestling but not their bodies. But bodies they have! We know that many of you are dreaming of Antscha or Anna, and here they are giving their all. Only women can simultaneously look so elegant, erotic and aggressive when they wrestle nude – like some brilliant work of art. There’s nothing better. Each has her own superb shape and beauty – blonde Antscha is muscular and slim, red-head Aniko sensual and rounded (what some guys like to call “a real woman”!), smouldering, raven-haired Anna has been a dream girl for many since she first undulated on to the scene and pretty Kati has yet another kind of perfect body. Besides all this, we have included a few seconds of those behind-the scenes moments which bring so much personality to the action – a bonus on an already extra long release!

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Six nude wrestling matches
Antscha (24) vs. Anna L. (23) – includes 6 minutes of initial warm-up
Kati N. (23) vs. Aniko (31)
Kati N. (23) vs. Anna L. (23)
Antscha (24) vs. Aniko (31)
Antscha (24) vs. Kati N. (23)
Aniko (31) vs. Anna L. (23)

Additional information

Duration 28 minutes
Video format / quality

MP4 768×576 50fps (H.264)

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