DWW-280-04 Nude Middleweight Round Robin
Viktoria M vs Ildi


Viktoria M
Viktoria M
Nude Wrestling
Nude Wrestling


Match: Viktoria M vs Ildi

Following DWW-279, four heavier women wrestle in their own pins-and-submissions round robin tournament. The fights are not as fast and furious as those by the four fit girls in the lightweight tournament, but you’ll see more weight of flesh as breast is squeezed into breast and thigh wrapped round thigh. These slower struggles are much more about endurance against continued pressure as these girls give 100%. You can see the sweat on their nude bodies as they wrestle to exhaustion. Because Ildi and Zsusza are sisters, we decided that a nude encounter between them would be inappropriate here, so there are five matches in all. In any case, the result in this tournament wouldn’t have been altered by such a match. Together with a few short behind-the-scenes episodes which delight so many fans, this release is the length of an entire soccer match, but you may not even need a six-pack!

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Five nude wrestling matches
Viktoria M. (24) vs. Zsuzsa (19)
Ildi (22) vs. Evi (25)
Zsuzsa (19) vs. Evi (25)
Viktoria M. (24) vs. Ildi (22)
Viktoria M. (24) vs. Evi (25)

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Duration 10 minutes
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MP4 768×576 50fps (H.264)

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