DWW-305-02 Jeans Fight, Grass and Pond
Giulia vs Anna L


Anna L
Anna L
Non-Topless Wrestling
Non-Topless Wrestling


Match: Giulia vs Anna L

This is a compilation of three exciting jeans and skirt grass and pond matches from our summer events.
Jana and Anna are equally matched and have a history of great rivalry expressed in very aggressive encounters (DWW-259). Although they never get into a catfight, the emotion visible in their wrestling is more intense than many catfights you would ever see. Their eyes lock with the determination of a true girl fight. Here, in a natural environment, a grassy area by a pond, they have a chance to fight it out to a finish. The action leaps out of the screen with desperation – each girl feels she MUST win. It’s as if two neighbourhood girls were fighting in next door’s garden. The wrestling is as fast and agile as if it were on the mat, even on the hard, dry surface.
The second match has big-chested Giulia against Anna, who is hardly less well endowed, in an exciting jeans fight between these pretty brunettes.
Finally, Cathy takes on Vivienne in skirts and shoes. These tall girls are less skilled but no less motivated. There’s plenty of close thigh to thigh and crotch to crotch action to enjoy.
All three matches end up in the filthy, stagnant pond, leaving the girls looking like a mess. But they still fight on in the pond to beat their rival!

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Anna L. (23) vs Jana N. (20) (from the Summer Event 2003) topless
Giulia (23) vs. Anna L. (22) (from Summer Event 2002, previously released on A2002-OUT) non-topless
Vivienne (25) vs. Cathy (22) (from the Summer Event 2002 previously released on A2002-OUT) topless

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Duration 23 minutes
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MP4 1440×1080 50fps (H.264)

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