DWW-338-04 Topless Garden Boxing
Cathy vs Edita




Match: Cathy vs Edita

Another most aggressive girl boxing release, of five one-minute rounds, familiar to fans from the previous famous DWW Garden Boxing titles. The first two matches were sponsored and are embedded in a story. Two gang girls meet snobby upper crust schoolgirl Jana. One word leads to another and instead of kicking her ass gang girls Dana and Laila accept Jana’s boxing challenge. They aren’t trained boxers, but they hit hard and don’t flinch. Laila and Dana fight in tight jeans while Jana is still wearing her school uniform. Great action from start to finish. The third match is topless boxing between Laila and Dana. They’re best friends in real life but punch as if they want to kill each other. Pride is at stake! The furious fourth match is topless and ends in a knockout. Finally, the fight between Eva and Jana ends in a classic knockout, leaving both topless competitors exhausted by the many hard punches they took in this great encounter. If you love real boxing between beautiful girls-next-door, don’t miss this great value title.

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Five boxing matches outdoors
Dana N. (22) vs. Jana N. (21)
Laila (21) vs. Jana N. (21)
Dana N. (21) vs. Laila (20)
Edita (29) vs. Cathy (23)
Jana N. (20) vs. Eva (22)

Additional information

Duration 13 minutes
Video format / quality

MP4 768×576 50fps (H.264)

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