DWW-350-02 Petra Weighs Them Down
Petra vs Vera


Non-Topless Wrestling
Non-Topless Wrestling


Match: Petra vs Vera

This is a special release for fans of buxom young women in uneven wrestling matches. Petra has a place in the hearts of all the guys who like big, strong, dominating women. Little blonde Ingrid has as much wrestling experience as Petra, couple with perhaps even more aggression, and is likewise a favourite. But Ingrid is much smaller. Put them together in a topless hair-pulling wrestling fight and you have a fascinating struggle of endurance by Ingrid against the bigger girl. Ingrid uses her catfighting experience to hold out longer. Vera is equally curvy and scarcely bigger than Ingrid, but her wrestling technique is a little more solid and faster. Like Ingrid, she doesn’t back down easily and is fully prepared to take it Petra and show her that weight is not necessarily everything. If you like skilled wrestling between shapely opponents in which the heavier girl has a chance to dominate, this is for you.

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Two uneven wrestling matches
Petra (21) vs. Ingrid (20) – topless with hairpulling
Petra (21) vs. Vera (23) – in leotards

Additional information

Duration 28 minutes
Video format / quality

MP4 768×576 50fps (H.264)

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