DWW-377-01 Catfight in Pantyhose and Top
Luzia vs Eva


Special Dress
Special Dress
Non-Topless Wrestling
Non-Topless Wrestling


Match: Luzia vs Eva – pins and submissions in pantyhose, shorts and top

This video is for fans of skilled, strong and extremely beautiful women. Luzia and Eva have been rivals since they were teens at DWW. In this video they show us their beauty and their intense competitiveness on grass in four different dress styles. First they fight in the sexy outfit of a famous restaurante chain. This fight is definitely a must have for fans of pantyhose wrestling. The second match shows them in red Life Guard one piece suits. They will keep your mouth wide open not only by their physical beauty but also by their extreme will to win under all circumstances. You must never forget that grass is not a soft mat! The third match is an incredibly tough catfight with some slapping and very painful holds. It shows you that catfights are quite different from wrestling and that the hairpulling can turn a match between two almost evenly matched opponents quite quickly and decisively. The last match with two oiled bodies ends this great video. Two of the sexiest female bodies on earth entangled with glistening skins and some of the most exciting wrestling holds ever seen. A must have video for any female wrestling fan and a true collectors item.

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4 matches on grass from 2003 featuring
Luzia (22) vs Eva (21)
Match 1: pins and submissions in pantyhose, shorts and top
Match 2: pins and submissions in Life Guard bathing suits
Match 3: Catfight in jeans shorts (topless)
Match 4: Oil wrestling in tiny thongs

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