DWW-396-03 Nude wrestling with Vladka
Vladka vs Ingrid


Nude Wrestling
Nude Wrestling


Match: Vladka vs Ingrid

The first match was filmed some days before our 2005 summer event started. We anticipated these two beautiful teenagers would become rivals. When they first met, some minutes before the match, we could see each scanning the body of the other. We knew for sure that a new rivalry was born. It didn’t even take the fight to do it, although that was the outlet of their mutual aggression. We’ve hardly ever seen such aggressive nude wrestling between beautiful teens; they give their all to exhaustion. We’re sure it inflamed their future encounters to higher expectations. It isn’t over yet. In the second match Vladka tries to prove her strength against older and more experienced Denise, who’s so proud of her nude body. A nice old vs. young struggle between two ladies who like to fight. Finally, Ingrid, undisputed queen of catfights and nude wrestling of the ’90s, is trying to regain her reputation as she gets older, but the younger girls have their pride too. A great nude match between the generations, with lots of big breasts struggling with each other and their opponent’s faces! Don’t miss these unforgettable schoolgirl pins!

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Three nude wrestling matches:
Vladka (18) vs. Orsi (19)
Vladka (18) vs. Denise (26)
Vladka (18) vs. Ingrid (26)

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Duration 18 minutes
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MP4 768×576 50fps (H.264)

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