DWW-401-01 Powerful women mix it up
Max vs Tiffany


Mixed Wrestling
Mixed Wrestling


Match: Max vs Tiffany

Very one-side wrestling in which the women are much, much stronger than the men. No less than 25 pins and submissions are on this video, some by crushing scissors on different parts of the body and some by devastating grapevines and humiliating schoolgirl pins. Tiffany is a six foot Amazon with the muscles of a welterweight. Max is somewhat smaller, but eager to give her a challenge. He soon realises that Tiffany is playing with him. He’s being (wo)man-handled! As the match goes on he has to crawl around the floor like a wounded rabbit. Tiffany swept the floor with him, quite literally. More sad reality is in store when Richard is introduced to Petra. Richard is strong, slim and determined, and though not trained in wrestling he gives Petra a good match until he is sandwiched between her powerful thighs, whereupon he achieves the status of sandwich spread. Petra dominates him completely. You may dream about Petra’s thighs but Richard will have nightmares. Max saw Richard’s match and, though frightened, thought he’d try to even the score for the guys. He gives his best in order to at least to look better than he did against Tiffany. Soon, you see that’s the total of his achievement. Great wrestling from powerful women and suffering men!

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Three bikini mixed wrestling matches indoors:
Max (23) vs. Tiffany (30)
Richard (20) vs. Petra (27)
Max (23) vs. Petra (27)

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Duration 20 minutes
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MP4 768×576 50fps (H.264)

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