DWW-413-04 Party Nudes
Bea S vs Zsuzsa


Bea S
Bea S
Nude Wrestling
Nude Wrestling


Bea S, Zsuzsa – (previously published as Fight of the Month FOM-125)
Dress: nude
Rules: pins & submissions

This is one of those nude matches that are so competitive that you don’t realise if the two are wrestling nude or not. More than that you can feel the tension and the fun these two women have when they wrestle each other in the nude. They aren’t intimitated at all because of their nudity, they really like it as they are. It’s as picturesque as it was in old ancient Greece: Two women enjoy each other wrestling in the nude and do so competitively that your mouth will be wide open. For those who like real wrestling without any artificial materials covering the female bodies: just flesh vs flesh, female vs female, muscles vs muscles, skin vs skin plus some hard and skilled female wrestling.

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