DWW-425-04 Introducing HWW
Timea C vs Reni


Timea C
Timea C
Non-Topless Wrestling
Non-Topless Wrestling


Match: Timea C vs Reni

HWW is now the production outlet of our former team # 2. Viktoria is their manager and she also trains the women of the HWW team. HWW is particularly interested to present fit and skilled women who know how to wrestle. They’re into the sports of submission wrestling. This video is a good example of how exciting good submission wrestling can be. Timea is extremely skilled and flexible and her moves can always surprise even a stronger opponent. However, both Bea and Orsi are not just strong but skilled, too. Two exciting matches with lots of action on the mat. Bea vs Antscha is more a muscle vs muscle and strength vs strength match between two equally strong and equally matched opponents. The last one has strong and muscular athlete Reni vs Timea. However, Timea demonstrates how much one can do when one is skilled and quick. Great wrestling !

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Four wrestling matches featuring
Bea S. (23) vs Timea C. (29) (topless / non topless)
Orsi (19) vs Timea C. (29) (topless / non topless)
Bea S. (23) vs Antscha (27) (topless)
Reni (26) vs Timea C. (29) (non topless)

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