DWW-432-02 HWW Xmas Event 2006
Orsi K vs Sofia C


Orsi K
Orsi K
Sofia C
Sofia C
Non-Topless Wrestling
Non-Topless Wrestling


Match: Orsi K vs Sofia C

This is an exciting tournament covered into a brand new concept you have never seen before. We were excited about the spectacular outcome. The rules were a bit different to ensure not too short but also not too long matches. Also we installed a new rule to have a chance to see exciting and sometimes dominating and even humiliating pins to a submission. All matches were for pins and submissions, however, the woman who was leading could not apply a pin for a count but for a submission only. The other woman who still had to equal the result, however, could still apply a pin for a count. But if she was pinned by the better woman, then she had to decide if it made sense for her to escape and waste her little time left for an equalizing pin and to struggle further on or rather to give up in a rather hopeless situation and to take her chance in a new fall. The dominant woman had to decide if she goes for this humiliating pin for a longer period of time or rather updates her tactics to apply a decisive submission hold. All matches were for pins and submissions with a minimum time of 8 minutes and a maximum time of 15 minutes. If after 15 minutes there was a draw, a jury was supposed to decide the match (except for the final). Another great idea was that all women could chose their opponents in all rounds, while the lightest woman could have the first choice. As a result there were always evenly matched and exciting wrestling matches. Some girls made very intelligent choices by not picking the weakest available opponent in the first rounds but a stronger one whom they still believed to beat since all losers would have a second chance but they could not meet the same opponent again in this tournament except in the final. As we have had some new girls wrestling in front of the audience for the first time, each of them got her own choice to decide whether to wrestle in a bikini or topless. We had two guests from the German TAC team too: Angie and Karine. If you like to watch many exciting pins and submission matches and if you like to follow the tournament from start to finish we really suggest you watch one DVD and match after the other in order to receive the excitement of a great and entertaining female sports event. Don’t miss a single match until the very final ! Enjoy the interviews being taken with most of the wrestlers before AND after their matches !

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Featuring introduction plus 4 matches from Round 1
Girls Weigh In
Antscha (28) bikini vs Bea S. (23) bikini
Orsi S. (22) bikini vs Viki A. (22) bikini
Orsi K. (30) bikini vs Sofia C. (20) bikini
Orsi (20) topless vs Angie/TAC (23) topless

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Duration 13 minutes
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MP4 768×576 50fps (H.264)

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