EU-097-03 Edita Crushing Men
Edita vs Marco


Mixed Wrestling
Mixed Wrestling


Match: Edita vs Marco

Edita is probably the most skillful wrestler amongst the 3 girls participating in this mixed wrestling round robin. However, she ought to be skilled since she gives away a lot of weight since she’s the lightest and smallest of the three girls. While Petra can make her points by using her weight and size and while Luzia can make her points using her sheer incredible muscle power, Edita only can make her points with speed and wrestling techniques. Again you will easily witness the difference between the three girls. Oh, and the boys didn‘t care in which way the 3 girls had used their power and skills to make them submit. The boys just wanted to win this tournament as a team. Were they successful? Did they have a little chance at least? If you are a mixed wrestling fan and if you want to see a great tournament between boys and girls that could have happened in your own garden as well, then you ought to see all three tapes of this series. One of them isn‘t enough!

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Edita (24) vs Paul (23)
Edita (24) vs Honza (19)
Edita (24) vs Marco (18)

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