FOM-038 Long Pins to a Submission
Melanie vs Timea C


Timea C
Timea C
Pin Only
Pin Only
Nude Wrestling
Nude Wrestling


Melanie, Timea_C
Dress: Topless/Nude
Rules: Long Pin to a submission

The rules of this match were that one girl pin the loser for so long that the loser submits, because she has no energy left to escape from the pin. All kinds of pins were permissible. This is a match with lots of close body to body contact and if you like bridges and lots of heavy breathing, this is
for you. But it becomes even better. If you look closely at one of the girls, you will find that during their topless struggle she has become sexually aroused. When she gives after a very long struggle, she deliberately decides to have the second round in the nude. She removes her thong and with her nude, shaven pussy, challenges her opponent to undress totally for the second round. Her opponent responds “well, why not” and also removes her thong.
Then, to the real excitement of one of the girls, they continue their struggle in the same way as topless wrestling. This fight later turned into an HPC-style fight.
You won’t see the complete nude part of it, but only about the first 10 minutes. We could have stopped anyway after the topless part, but we did not want you to miss at least some of the nude match.
The complete final is shown in video HPC-014-04. As you might understand from the description, as intense as the first topless part might have been, in the nude it tends towards a sex fight. Not all our fans will like this, but we know there is a strong desire for this style too, and we’ll see how much you like it.
Finally, in our opinion, the winner of this match is and was the “all time champion in erotic wrestling”. We are fascinated to see how many votes this match receives.

(The price of this match has been reduced since the video has a quality lower than the usual DWW standards)

Additional information

Duration 25 minutes
Video format / quality

MP4 384×288 25fps (H.264)

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