MOVIES-287 Renata B vs Fidel


Renata B
Renata B
Mixed Wrestling
Mixed Wrestling


This is a competitive mixed wrestling match for pins and submissions between Renata and strong Fidel. During the first minutes of this match Renata is a bit shy because she believes that men are stronger than women, but after a few minutes she feels that she’s at least as strong as Fidel is. Once she starts to use her superior skills, her speed and her strength, it’s soon all over with Fidel. The only question left in this match would be how much she would humiliate him or if she’d be nice enough to leave at least a little bit male honour inside his soul once the match will be over. There are interviews in the end and then you’ll recognise Fidel’s frustration !

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Duration 20 minutes
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MP4 768×576 50fps (H.264)

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