MOVIES-340 Gloria vs Jack


Mixed Wrestling
Mixed Wrestling


This is probably one of the most intense mixed wrestling matches we’ve ever filmed. Jack is a new and very muscular young wrestler, an athlete. However, he wrestles for the first time. Gloria is muscular and strong, too, and additionally she’s more skilled. This topless wrestling match between the genders is as intense and competitive as you might it expect to be. Jack doesn’t want to lose in his first match and he attacks Gloria pretty violent. Be warned: Never attack a woman like Gloria as he did. She’s outraged, she’s getting overly aggressive and although he can use his power and strength to defend himself she teaches him a lesson about how good and strong women can be. You’re probably not surprised when women are quicker, more skilled and when they show more stamina and endurance than men do, but you’ll be extremely surprised how well Gloria is able to keep it up with the strength a muscular and very aggressively wrestling young man. If you don’t mind if a man makes a woman submit and if you like to watch an athletic top sports wrestling mixed match then you’ll have to see this one ! Please note: This is not a female domination match at all !

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