MOVIES-498 Chin the Bar Contest


Tests of Strength
Tests of Strength


HWW Oct. 2008 event
Kimbra, Reni, Katharina, Anastasia, Leslie, Orsi S., Antscha, Sofia C., Leslie, Viktoria M.

Most of the women participating in the HWW event were eager to test their arm strength on the bar in a Chin the Bar Contest. Watch the biceps of Kimbra, Reni, Katharina, Anastasia, Leslie, Orsi S., Antscha and Leslie trying to do as many pull-ups as possible. You can try to do the same at home, too, and then compare your strength with the strength of our wrestlers. This is a short test of strength contest but it is pretty interesting and enjoyable to watch. Finally there is a short sequence with Viktoria M. and Antscha on the mat during the same event where you can look behind the scenes to find out how much fun we are having at our events, too.

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