MOVIES-502 Richard vs Tiffany


Mixed Wrestling
Mixed Wrestling


November 2008 event
Richard (23), Tiffany (33)

Sponsored by a true, reliable and very active fan of mixed wrestling activity, this match between confident Richard and our strongest wrestler Tiffany was probably one of the best and hardest mixed wrestling matches ever. Both the strong and big man and Tiffany gave 100% and sometimes you’ll probably close your eyes due to the activity and the throws and the holds they apply towards each other. Not only that Tiffany is a woman, although tall and strong herself she’s still smaller and lighter than Richard. However, she hopes that her skills and her experience would help her to make this match even. If you are a sports mixed wrestling fan then you’d have first to watch this match to believe it. This is a true collectors item for all of our sports mixed wrestling fans and hard to beat in terms of action, strength and stamina.

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Duration 26 minutes
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