MOVIES-545 Lucille vs Max


Mixed Wrestling
Mixed Wrestling


This is an unusual mixed match. Don’t get us wrong, their fight is absolutely real, but there is a special bedroom scenario and we thought that it would be interesting to see about what would happen if a guy is coming home early and completely unexpected, finding his wife in bed with her girl friend in an explicit situation. Would Max become angry ? We do believe that this does solely depend on the character of the guy. Some guys would probably like to watch and to enjoy the situation and some would probably become aggressive. Max is a guy who’s getting aggressive and instead to leverage that great opportunity of having two beautiful and horny girls in his bed, he’s going to kick Anastasia from his house and attacks Lucille. However, although Lucille warns him that he should already know that she’s the stronger of them, Max is that outraged that he doesn’t listen to her. That probably was a huge mistake. Lucille isn’t a woman who accepts being aggressively attacked by an angry man and although Max gives everything he can do and not holding him back at all, Lucille doesn’t back down and gives him probably the fight of his life. If you want to watch aggressive and real mixed wrestling in such a scenario, wrestled partly on the bed and partly on the floor of the apartment, then this is a mixed match you’d probably love. To help entertaining you, their communication and trash talk is being served with English subtitles.

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