MOVIES-604 Jana N. vs Denise


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This is some of finest female boxing. Two of the best fighters of this decade are challenging each other in a nude boxing match. First there is an interview with the two athletes in the ring. Both were coming along together with their personal seconds in their corners. While Mel is looking after Denise, Emanuella is looking after Jana. Once the seconds undressed their friends to full nudity, the boxing fight is on. There’s no love lost and their punches are hard, intense and for real. You probably haven’t seen such an intense boxing match since a very long time and after their match there are marks left in both faces. In the end it comes to a strong dispute about the winning decision and both seconds are entering the ring to defend their friends from physical attacks. One word gives another and soon the seconds are wrestling each other, too. However, this is a matter of the continuation in part 2 of this exciting female fighting series.

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