DWW-040-04 Aggressive Nude vs Bikini Wrestling
Timea vs Katalin


Topless Wrestling
Topless Wrestling
Nude Wrestling
Nude Wrestling


Match: Timea vs Katalin

The intense rivalry between Stefanie and Lada culminated in two matches sponsored by a select group of enthusiasts in our new studio.
The first match is a topless match between the two 19 year olds. Lada is as gorgeous as ever and Stefanie’s girlish body has developed in all the right places. The loser of the first match challenged the winner to a nude, to the finish woman to woman fight. Both these matches are very intense and extremely erotic, fought to a decisive finish. These two are clearly at war with each other and at the moment these matches are just battles being won and lost.
The next match on this tape features Stefanie taking on the buxom Hungarian Klaudia in another nude and breathtaking encounter.
Finally naked Timea fights Katalin (in a bikini), with both girls showing a lot of aggression. (Please note that the first few seconds of this match are missing, still all the action is there. Also, the camera is a bit zoomed out compared to our standards)

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Lada vs Stefanie, topless
Lada vs Stefanie, nude
Klaudia vs Stefanie, nude
Timea vs Katalin, nude vs bikini

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Duration 10 minutes
Video format / quality

MP4 768×576 50fps (H.264)

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