DWW-042-02 Timea the Mistress of Humiliation
Timea vs Marion


Topless Wrestling
Topless Wrestling


Match: Timea vs Marion

Timea, a beautifully tanned, slim and absolutely stunning but strong blonde enjoys to hurt and humiliate her opponents.
She first squares up in a topless contest against the Hungarian junior TaekWonDo champion Agnes. The teenager Agnes gave as good as she got as the fight see-sawed back and forth. This turned out to be a real grudge fight full of animosity. It was soon clear that only one of them would be standing by the end of the fight, and the referee had his hands full trying to cool down their gipsy tempers. You can enjoy 2 minutes of replay from the second camera too.
Timea was then challenged by Agnes’ younger girlfriend Marion. This was another violent encounter with an undisputed winner and spent loser at the end.
Third in line was strong girl Andrea. Feeling Andrea’s strength and muscles, Timea resorted to hairpulling and Andrea responded in kind, turning this wrestling match into a ding-dong catfight. At the end of the fight the loser was in tears and humiliated, unable to stand-up. The highlights of this match are shown from the second camera too.
These are the most violent matches between extremely attractive young women and teenagers ever released by DWW.
This tape also includes 2 more topless matches: Andrea challenges her friend Agnes and finally the gorgeous Judith. If you like real fights and real hairpulling between topless and beautiful girls, these matches are for you.

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Timea, Agnes, Marion, Andrea, Judith (5 matches)

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Duration 12 minutes
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MP4 768×576 50fps (H.264)

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