DWW-047-01 Battle of the Blondes
Timea vs Lada


Non-Topless Wrestling
Non-Topless Wrestling


If you liked blonde bombshell Timea in her topless fights released in DWW-42, then you will love her when she’s wrestling Lada completely nude. This is the longest and one of the most intense encounters between two of the most beautiful wrestlers around. In a bare it all contest they go all out to prove who the better woman is. We put no time limit on this match as we thought the loser should decide when she has had enough. These are not shy women as they literally use every part of their nude and perfectly shaped bodies in their battle for supremacy.
The match is divided in two parts: in the first part they wrestle in one-piece swimsuits. In the second part they strip down and they fight naked.
This is a must tape for fans who enjoy erotic, sensual, intense and to the finish body wars.

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