DWW-060-06 Dormitory Girls Nude Wrestling
Kati vs Orsolya


Nude Wrestling
Nude Wrestling


Match: Kati vs Orsolya

Hungarian gymnast Anikö and Mongolian Kati are students at University of Budapest and through our prompting got other students who stay in the same dormitory interested in wrestling. After training the girls lost all their inhibitions and wrestled in the nude, perhaps helped the fact that they already knew each other well enough by living in the same dormitory. This became truly international as there were students from Cuba, Argentina, Russia, Ukraine, Mongolia, Romania and Hungary. Most of the girls were extremely talented and we hope to have some of them back for more matches soon.

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8 nude matches featuring 8 students:
Orsolya (20, Hungary); Krisztina (18, Hungary); Svetlana N (19, Ukraine); Sylvia (21, Russia); Monika U (18, Hungary); Anikö (21, Hungary); Kati (21, Mongolia) and Rita (20, Romania)

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Duration 12 minutes
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