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Bea vs Marietta


Topless Wrestling
Topless Wrestling


Match: Bea vs Marietta

Very rarely girls of Bea’s beauty and spell step on the mat to put their womanhood to the test. We have followed her delightful development through high school and first featured her in an arm and leg wrestling tournament (video EU-22). Last year we were able to convince the fashion magazine model Bea to try her hand at wrestling. This tape includes two outdoor matches of Bea at Chateau Seregelyes and two private matches held in late 1995. First she aggresively takes on experienced Mary from Germany in a classic blonde vs. brunette confrontation. Next she’s up against Marietta, a beautiful dancer with an incredible muscular body, which is followed by a clash with Eveline, an attractive, aggressive tomboy, who on one hand has a severe dislike of Bea, but on the other hand has a mysterious attraction for Bea’s erotic body. The last match features another blonde vs. brunette affair in which Bea again uses her basic judo knowledge to defend her pride against a lovely buxom dancer Andrea who loves a real hard fight and who delightfully uses her big breasts as a weapon. All topless with plenty of hairpulling, Bea’s favourite hold! A must for the fans of stunning Bea who enjoys to beat other girls and who also projects a mysterious eroticism to human beings of both sexes. One of the fascinated spectators at the live event wrote: “From the first second I saw her, I sat mesmerized. And had the sky rained pythons, I would not have stirred.” We rest our case.

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4 topless matches featuring Bea (18), Marietta (19), Mary (24), Eveline (19) and Andrea (18)

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