DWW-076-04 Topless Heavyweight Wrestling Tournament
Martina B vs Ilona


Martina B
Martina B
Topless Wrestling
Topless Wrestling


Match: Martina B vs Ilona

We had a lot of requests to have a tournament between heavier but fit girls. There you have it! Hungarian Loren and Czech girls Ilona, Martina B, Marketa and European Championship cyclist Jana with incredible thighs took to the mat in this elimination style tournament. Marketa and Loren had to fight first to determine the 4th girl in the tournament. These are very competitive matches and there is no shortage of flesh! A challenge for our camera’s wideangle-lense and a must for the fans of robust, strong, fit, and heavy set women. None of these women weigh less than 66 kg (=146 lbs.)!

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5 topless matches featuring Loren (20), Marketa (23), Martina B (25), Ilona (20) and Jana (24)

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