DWW-077-03 Teacher Learns a Lesson
Eva A vs Eveline


Other Girl
Other Girl


Match: Eva A vs Eveline

The first scenario starts with Bea in a schoolgirl uniform drawing a heart on the blackboard implying that Eveline’s boyfriend is in love with her. Eveline jumps up from her desk and after a short argument the classroom becomes a mess with stools and books flying and both girls resorting to hairpulling, slapping and ripping each others’ clothes off ending up in their panties only. When one girl is thoroughly trashed the teacher steps in and tries to spank the winner with a stick. But the girl decides she does not want the punishment and fights back and a hairpulling rip roaring fight between the girl and her female teacher ensues and finally the teacher is left in her panties as well. Then the loser of the first fight takes on her teacher and a decisive end is in the offing.
In the second story Bea comes home from school and sneakily starts going through her elder real-life sister Tünde’s diary. When Tünde catches her on the act a fierce catfight commences and does not end until both sisters are topless and one sister is totally beaten, dominated and humiliated as she is made to beg for mercy and apologize for her aggressiveness while the triumphant sister just sits on her. A truly satisfactory ending!

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4 real catfights featuring Eveline (19), Eva (23) plus real-life sisters Bea (18) and Tünde (21)

– previously published as Fight of the Month FOM-655

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Duration 10 minutes
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MP4 768×576 50fps (H.264)

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