DWW-083-05 Naked Aggression
Annamaria vs Kati


Nude Wrestling
Nude Wrestling


Match: Annamaria vs Kati

A great all nude wrestling tape! These 5 fights include effective and expert use of many wrestling holds and are very intense and competitive. All fights have almost continuous and fierce hairpulling which we did not discourage. Swedish redhead Tina challenges the aggressive, big busted blonde Andrea and there is great rivalry and some tears of pain when one girl did not want to stop fighting when she broke her finger. These two nude rivals were out to destroy eachother to decide who’s the better woman, whatever the consequences would be. The second match features sexy Tünde versus the stunning redhead Orsolya and then Tünde tries her luck again in another nude fight against an older woman, newcomer Beata, with close body to body contact, intertwined legs and pure erotic dominance between a young vs. older woman! The fourth match on this tape will become an all time classic featuring Tina in a real violent nude fight versus Orsolya. The two nude redheads literally ripped eachothers’ hair out. One girl even used her feet to pull hair. The last match on this tape is Kati in another fierce hairpulling fight to the finish against Annamaria. We claim that this tape is the best nude girlfight tape ever made and we are sure that you will agree. Great value! Not to be missed!

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5 nude matches featuring Tina (26), Andrea (19), Orsolya (21), Tünde ( 21), Beata (31), Kati (22) and Annamaria (20)

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