DWW-084-02 Hardrock vs Forte Allegro
Georgina vs Gabi


Nude Wrestling
Nude Wrestling


Match: Georgina vs Gabi

This tape includes four very creative, well thought out and executed scenarios filmed at our DWW club events. Though there was a script to perform the action, all fights were real and we never faked a winner.
First is real gypsy Georgina vs. Wanda in our famous reproduction of the gypsy fight from the James Bond movie “From Russia with Love”, but here to a classic nude finish.
Next catfight is a “Classical Music vs. Hardrock” fight when a surprise developes in a Liszt concert by piano virtuoso Gabi. Rockergirl Georgina and Gabi start a violent fight that does not end before one nude girl submits in tears and leaves the room. Please note that fight time is 9 minutes, the rest of the movie is dedicated to music lovers with Gabi playing piano: first in a dress, then naked !
The next catfight features two topless circus tigresses in full body painting (represented by Jana and Kriszta) who did not like to follow the instructions of their circus trainer but start a very fierce hairpulling cats’ fight to the finish in front of a shocked audience.
The next catfight on this tape developed during the “Miss Amazon 1996 contest” between Eveline and Kriszta for a reason most women would fight for… they were wearing the same dress !
The last movie with Anita and Betty is something different: Anita vs Betty roll in the ring naked, covered in golden bodypainting only. This is not a wrestling match, just a short and very sexy sequence added as an interlude at one of our Summer Events.

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Featuring Wanda (23), Georgina (23), Gabi (22), Jana (22), Kriszta (20), Eveline (20)

– previously published as Fight of the Month FOM-671

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Duration 22 minutes
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MP4 768×576 50fps (H.264)

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