DWW-085-04 Nude Elimination Tournament
Orsolya vs Gabi


Nude Wrestling
Nude Wrestling


Match: Orsolya vs Gabi

The first part of this nude girl wrestling tape presents a privately held elimination tournament between redhead Helga, brunette Wanda, redhead Orsolya and the blonde and muscular pianist Gabi. It was filmed outdoors in the hot summer of 1995. Four highly erotic wrestling matches, though there was NO hairpulling. After some time we had to pour some cold water onto the mat to cool it. This made the bodies of the girls wet and slippery and the sight of their entangled nude and wet bodies was very sexy indeed. Although the intensity declined due to the fun and enjoyment they had when fighting for dominance with their slippery sexy bodies, the eroticism in these matches was still overwhelming, esp. when their stiff and long nipples pressed against eachother.
The last two matches were filmed indoors and feature famous German pornstar Holly Black in her wrestling debut versus blonde Judit and later vs. Anikö.
The matches in this tape are not very intense nor fierce as usual, but they feature some of the most beautiful girls in competitive matches who had obviously much fun and pleasure in wrestling other beauties in the nude!

This video was part of a DVD or movie collection. The description is valid for the full DVD, but not necessarily for this specific video download. Even if multiple matches are described, the download will contain a single match.

6 nude matches featuring Helga (22), Wanda (23), Gabi (22), Orsolya (21), Anikö (21), Judit (20) and Holly Black (22)

Additional information

Duration 12 minutes
Video format / quality

MP4 768×576 50fps (H.264)

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