DWW-130-04 Women MMA Surrender
Tatjana L vs Olessia S


Olessia S
Olessia S
Tatjana L
Tatjana L
Extreme Fight
Extreme Fight


Match: Tatjana L vs Olessia S

The incredible duel on BSA-129 between Galina and Lessja was unresolved after half an hour. Both gladly accepted the challenge of a rematch, this time without gloves. Since both girls are trained in martial arts and can really punch, no closed-fist head hitting was allowed. Almost everything else goes. They don’t waste time: it’s a wild fight in which one dominates but must suffer to win. It doesn’t get more desperate than this. Galina even rips at Lessja’s top giving us a glimpse of the lovely brunette’s firm breast.
Almost as devastating is Janna’s treatment of Olga, who later has to endure Rada’s onslaught too.
As spectacular as any is the final match. Olessia comes on like she means business but Tatjana is at her fastest and cruellest in a devastating fight.

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Four extreme fights: Galina (20) vs. Lessja (21) – bare fisted rematch; Olga (23) vs. Janna (23); Olga (23) vs. Rada (20); Tatjana L. (20) vs. Olessia S.(22)

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Duration 7 minutes
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MP4 768×576 50fps (H.264)

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