DWW-149-02 Unskilled Topless Boxing
Anita vs Silvia




Match: Anita vs Silvia

These days, female boxing is a serious sport at both amateur and professional level. DWW offers plenty of quality non-topless amateur boxing (EU-46, -64, -65). The amateur ladies sometimes prefer to box topless, and gentlemen certainly like to watch.

Both little Olenia S. and Rada have boxed before. The others are experienced DWW wrestlers whose combative spirit provokes them to try boxing.

The first and last fights on this tape are worth the price alone. Both 5 x 2 min, they are fast, furious and hard to control. Christie decides it’s pay-back time for wrestling rival Melanie, so she hits her – hard. A wild fight ensues, their female supporters screaming in excitement as their protogées lose their tempers. It’s unskilled, but very exciting. Anita clearly wants to mix it with Silvia, who shows surprising tenacity, and Barbara looks a treat in her tigerskin.

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Four topless boxing matches featuring
Melanie (20) vs. Christie (19) from DWW Summer Event 1999
Silvia (20) vs. Anita (22) from DWW Summer Event 1996
Edita (25) vs. Barbara (19)
Rada (21) vs. Olenia S. (18) from DWW Summer Event 1999

Additional information

Duration 18 minutes
Video format / quality

MP4 768×576 50fps (H.264)

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