FOM-428 Boxing Unlimited Rounds
Barbara vs Daniela




Barbara, Daniela

This is a boxing match from the summer event 2002 (S2002-BOX). It’s probably one of the best topless boxing matches of DWW amateurs ever.
This is a match “to a finish” over 1-minute rounds, lasting until either one of the competitors submitted, or she was ko-ed, or tko-ed, or just because the coach or the referee stopped the match.
There is more than one knock down and more than once a boxer was down for the count. Both strong ladies are giving each other a real run for their money. They’re wet of sweat, they are fighting like warriors and it ends with a TKO.
If you don’t enjoy this boxing match then you’re no fan of female boxing at all and no fan of female fighting either. It’s a fight. Both women are in their prime of fighting skills, power and beauty. There’s hardly any better available.

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