DWW-159-04 Give, and I’ll Let You Up
Luzia vs Ingrid


Topless Wrestling
Topless Wrestling
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Pin Only


Match: Luzia vs Ingrid

Women can be great friends, but they can also be, indeed often are, great rivals. This rivalry includes a need, however suppressed, to dominate, perhaps even humiliate, the other woman, usually mentally, in a show of superiority. Now the girls have a chance to do just that, only physically. These fights are decided by long pin-submissions, in which the loser must admit the winner’s victory. To add to the schoolgirl atmosphere, the wrestlers wear either short skirts or jeans shorts. Many loyal fans have requested this kind of tape.
Melanie and Lenka first fought on DWW-153 and Lenka has something to prove, Ingrid is in a similar predicament. Melanie brought along her fitness instructor colleague Giulia, who had never wrestled before. It’s the start of a dream rivalry.
The finale has two gorgeous blondes going at it topless in jeans shorts. The winner certainly knows how to sit on a defeated opponent’s face. Fans of long schoolgirl pins will be ecstatic.

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Four topless wrestling matches
Melanie (21) vs. Lenka (19) in skirts
Melanie (21) vs. Ingrid (20) in skirts
Melanie (21) in a skirt vs. Giulia (21) in jeans shorts
Luzia (18) vs. Ingrid (20) in jeans shorts

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Duration 16 minutes
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MP4 768×576 50fps (H.264)

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